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I am a researcher, social innovator, and workshop facilitator, committed to a more humane and inclusive society. I am the cofounder of the research bureau Unfrequently Asked Questions - UnFAQ and work for various companies and organizations.

I have spent many years working in India, doing research on political participatory cultures and the interrelations with media. In recent years I have dived into the food practices around sustainable living.

I have a PhD in social anthropology from Leiden University (2012) and taught for several years at Heidelberg University. I curated and participated in exhibitions, have organized international workshops and have various book and journal publications.

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I am the cofounder of UnFAQ. Unfrequently Asked Questions is a qualitative research & innovation bureau. We design and execute research methods that are culturally sensitive, inclusive and participatory.



We work with and for research organizations, governments and other institutions who want to understand what really matters to the people they design policies, interventions and products for.



We use ethnographic research methods, that center on equality and user control over their data.

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